Cutting Machines

Tube cutting

We handle a greater volume of tube cutting than any other independent steel tube stockholder, so, not surprisingly, our capabilities are finely tuned for maximum efficiency.

Our two BLM Adige TwinCut saws – the first BLM Adige machines of their kind in the UK – are capable of processing 4,000 cuts per hour thanks to their rapid operating speed and their twin-feed configuration, reducing both lead times and costs.

Our renowned BEWO automatic double cutting saw lines offer exceptional speed and accuracy, perfectly matched to our high output levels and incorporate integrated facilities such as measuring and deburring.

Our RSA Rasacut SC modular sawing centre combines high output performance, high process reliability and minimum set-up times with multiple operations like tube washing and swarf elimination. Some of the many benefits to customers include the economies of short throughput times thanks to integrated finishing processes and the economical production of small batches where required. Our minimum quantity on smaller batches is 100 cuts per length.

Value added further processing

Additional processing can often save customers time and extra costs. Via our associate company Top Tubes we can offer a unique combination of services quickly and economically – from laser processing to manipulation, swaging to chamfering, shotblasting to slotting.

Man Cutting Tube